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The law firm specializes primarily in the comprehensive legal services of business and institutional entities, but we also provide one-off orders, both to entrepreneurs and to non-business individuals. Legal aid is provided in the scope of:

  • Comprehensive legal services for business entities and institutional clients, including foreign ones
  • Provide advice and legal opinions
  • Drafting of pleadings, contracts, commercial contracts
  • Substitute proceedings before the courts, the state administration and the authorities
  • Negotiation and mediation
  • Debt collection
  • Individual customer service, including criminal defense and fiscal penalties
The law firm provides services both at the office of the law firm, as well as at the client's premises and other designated locations as required. We offer an organized and clear way of cooperation. We provide frequent contact with the customer and transparency in time dedicated to the customer and prices of services rendered. The remuneration for the services provided is usually determined by the following rules. Remuneration for specific jobs is determined on an hourly rate or a lump sum, depending on the type of case. Remuneration in the case of permanent legal services can be determined by the following options:
  • Lump sum fee - a fixed amount payable monthly
  • Hourly wage - based on the amount of work done in a month and a fixed rate per hour
  • Mixed pay - the lump sum determines the specific number of hours worked in a given month, in case of overtime the additional hours are settled at a fixed rate for one hour and the amount overtime worked.
The amount of remuneration is determined individually with the Client and depends on the scope of the order accepted.


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